Avi Megiddo's Script-Enabled 

Google Templates

This is a collection of the tools I have co-authored with ChatGPT. 
All of them use Google Apps Script to enhance Google Sheets or Google Slides.

© Avi Megiddo 2023 CC BY-NC 

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Google Sheets Wordle software development.pdf

Automate student feedback & comment writing. Tailor comments based on individual performance metrics, with easy gender pronoun customization. Enhance your educational workflow in Google Sheets with color-coded, personalized commentary.  

Read more about this tool here or below:

Student Comments Generator article

Automatically create random orders, partners, or groups of 3-5. Smart remainder management.  Video is of Version 2; Version 3 allows prevention of bad pairings. Read more about this tool here.

Better visualization of random seating and groups. Can select random student, add bad pairings, reload classes from script properties.

Automatically create word search puzzles and answer keys.  Includes diagonals and reverse arrangments. Create a PDF of the puzzle. Read more about this tool here.

Bulk insertion of images one-by-one into slides. center all, left-align all, add/remove text box from all.

Aquarium of Appreciation
(a.k.a. Box of Thanks)

A take on Box of Thanks, with an aquarium theme. Click on the fish to see the thankful comments. Read more about this tool here.

Users recognize classmates/ colleagues who have been helpful. read thankful comments from others.

Users can make suggestions, read past suggestions, upvote, and reply.

Tournament Brackets
(Single & Double-Elimination)

Easily manage multiple tournaments, randomize order, check box to indicate winner, sheet manages winner/loser advancement. Read more about this tool here.

Students can simultaneously choose their mood, see how everyone is feeling, see their mood meter heat map over time. Read more about this tool here.

MYP Scoring Rubric & Comment Bank

Score by checking comment boxes, Auto aggregate comments to form feedback text, create, share, email PDF score report.

This Sheet sends a birthday reminder email to the teacher, with names and classes of students whose birthday is today or tomorrow.  Choose the frequency and time of email via setting a trigger in the script editor.

Code walkthrough, and how to set up the trigger:

Birthday Reminder Code.gs by Avi Megiddo

Background: For some reason, as of October, 2023, EMFs in Google Drive can no longer be opened with Google Drawings. In the past, CloudConverted EMFs could be opened with Google Drawings and copied into Slides, enabling vector graphic editing in Google Cloud.  This script converts their MIME type back to the old one. 

Instructions for how to turn “bad” EMFs into “good” EMFs that can be opened with Google Drawings

Adapted from Peter Liljedahl's collaboration rubric, this interactive sheet allows students to evaluate their group members post-project, generate a comment based on their collaboration score range, and email the sheet to their group member(s). 

Students can self-evaluate how a unit impacted their ATLs, if at all.  The script will generate a summary comment for each ATL subskill from the categories of Thinking, Research, Self-management, and Communication.

Create Color Combos

Change the color of each shape on the slide, based on either 1) the current colors on that slide, 2) the hex codes (with #) in pasted text, or 3) using x random hex codes, where x is a quantity of your choosing.

Print Queue

Rows get timestamped and sorted upon adding to queue. Subsequent edits lead to "losing your place in line"; that row moves down the queue, with a new timestamp. Spreadsheet alerts generated upon trying to edit the row of a different student.